Our Dogs

All of our dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club

DaVinci Mastino’s Yoshima (Remington)

Davinci Mastino’s Bonita X Lucius Delle Correnti

Remington was brought in from British Columbia when we first fell in love with this beautiful breed. She carries beautiful type, a lot of wrinkle, and since maturing has an amazing calm temperament. Remington is definitely our pack leader and "mothers" the rest of our girls. As a younger puppy she enjoyed scent and obedience training but now she shines at her new role as couch potato. She has the drive of a typical neo and enjoys sleeping and lots of snacks. She makes her presence known and does her job of intimidating the Amazon delivery driver so we need to walk to our driveway to get our packages.

Lexington's Savage Storm

Lexington's Crown of Jewels X Baby Blue’s Falcone​ 

Mr. Savage Storm is athletic, has a high drive, not overdone, and has a BIG square head on him. We think he is a great start to our program because we want to reproduce the health that he will bring into our lines. It is not very common that a large neo enjoys consistent exercise like he does! He keeps us on our feet but is very satisfied with the job he has of protecting the property. Always on alert and loyal to his family, what more can we ask for? Lets just say that we feel extremely safe out in the country with this guy around!

Calibre K9's Mystique (Noodles)

Davinci Mastino’s Yoshima X Lexington's Savage Storm

Mystique was our keeper from the 2018 Marvel Litter.  We chose her to stay with us based on  a sticking resemblance she has to the sire (Savage Storm).  The goal of any breeding program is to better the breed and we think that Mystique is a step in the right direction. We breed to improve the overall; 


Meaning no dogs get added to our program without health testing, if a dog has a great trait such as a great back end with athletic drive, that is something we want added into our lines and reproduced.


Every puppy in a litter is different, that's why temperament testing is important to find the winning personality.


Which in our opinion is not an "overdone" neo that is able to function as a family pet. 

Patte D'ours Mastini's Candy Face

Anvire Raffi X Sinedia Crisalide

Candy Face was added to our pack in 2018. Candy comes from beautiful Russian and Italian imports that carry amazing type and bone. Out of all the dogs in our pack Candy has the most calm temperament which is VERY important to us when selecting dogs for our program. We are very impressed with the athletic drive she has, she loves to work and requires a job to keep her happy and busy. Candy is the happiest out and about with our family not leaving our kids side for a second, we love her loyalty to the family.  We are very excited to add her to our program 2020.